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Related post: one or other of these causes, and could be due to nothing
else. This case, vexatious and expensive as all such cases
arc, finally came to naught from inability on the part of the
painter to stand the expense of litigation, and not because
of the injustice of his claim or the bad character of the
surgical advice on which it was based.
In the interpretation of these cases during life a history
of the patient is of Femara Online the utmost importance. Absorption of
the neck of Buy Cheap Femara the femur may follow the most iliversc injuries.
If there has been fracture or dislocation, the surgeon will
always guard his prognosis; it is in the slighter cases, and
those where a simple contusion alone is apparent, that
trouble is apt to arise ; conversely, in patients where an in-
jury of the hip is not attended by inability to walk that
lasts for weeks; where no shortening occurs at first, but is
of late development Femara Mg and gradual onset ; where the defect
in length is shown not to be located in any other part of
the limb than the region around the joint, and where other
parts of the body arc free from evidences of chronic rheu-
matic arthritis, the morbid anatomical condition is absorp-
tion of the neck of the femur.
The late Dr. W. T. O'Donnell.— Dr. O'Domiell, of Devil's Lake,
North Ilitkotu, died on the 2d of Mav, at the age of forty-seven. He
was a native of .\cw liaiiipshire and a (.Taduate of Dartmouth College.
Dr. O'Donnell wa.s an excellent clai'sieal scholar and a devoted student
of Ilippoerates and other ancient medical writers, and several oom-
iDiinicationB of his relating to their writings have appeared in this
Bt l. emmett holt, m. d.,
The diagnosis of acute disease among infants of the first
few months of life is attended by peculiar difiiculties. This
difficulty depends not so much upon the fact that a wide
range of diseases is likely to be met with as it does upon
the masking of Buy Femara the ordinary diseases by very unusual symp-
toms. If one has the opportunity to see the autopsies in
his cases, he is continually surprised at the want Order Femara Online of corre-
spondence existing between the symptoms and Buy Femara Online the lesions.
The following two cases of broncho-pneumonia illus-
trate this point ; in both cases almost all the usual symp-
toms of pneumonia were wanting, and yet the lesions were
Case I. Extensive Broncho-pneumonia in the Upper and
Lower Ldbei of the Right Lung ; Mild Gastro-enterie Symptoms
for Four or Five Bays; Pulmonary Symptoms only Twenty-
four hours, and these Obscure Ones. — Generic Femara A fairly nourished female
infant, five weeks old, was admitted to the B.ibies' Hospital,
February 11, 1890. It was sent from one of the day nurseries,
where the child had been under the daily observation of a phy-
sician. For four or five days the movements from the bowels
had been green but not very frequent, and there had Cheap Femara been occa-
sional vomiting. The symptoms were attributed to improper
When admitted, the child seemed bright; cough was not no-
ticeable ; there was no vomiting; the passages were very green
and contained undigested food, but were not frequent or offen-
sive. The evening temperature was 101° F. A teaspoonful of
castor-oil was given and a comfortable night passed. Four green
movements in the first twenty-four hours. On the following
morning three drops Femara Price Purchase Femara of paregoric were Femara Tablets given. Within a few-
hours after this dose the appearance of the child changed com-
pletely. The pulse became weak and thready ; there was con-
siderable dyspnoea, the respirations being rapid and superficial,
with a peculiar catch in the middle of each inspiration, so that
this appeared double, while expiration was natural. There was
slight general cyanosis ; the pupils were tightly contracted, the
eyes a little sunken, the fontanel depressed, the face drawn
and anxious; there was general relaxation, and the whole aspect
of the case was alarming in the extreme. A careful examination
of the chest was made, but only rude breathing sounds could be
heard anywhere, Femara Cost of about equal intensity upon the two sides.
The rectal temperature was 99° F. throughout the entire day.
Mustard packs and hot bjiths were used at short intervals
and stimulants by the mouth freely given, and, though at first
some reaction was produced, the child lost ground steadily dur-
ing the day. By evening there was marked Purchase Femara Online cyanosis, cold Order Femara ex-
tremities, pulse too rapid to be counted. Death occurred dur-
ing the night in a condition of collapse, the infant having had
severe symptoms less than twenty-four hours.
Autopsy. — Thirty hours after death. Brain not examined.
Lungs show no fiuid in either pleural cavity. The left lung nor-
mal, slightly congested behind. One third of the right upper
lobe and about throe (puirtcrs of the lower lobe behind were
consolidated, dark-colored, slightly mottled with gray; no crepi-
tation, the condition shading over gradually into the healthy
lung. On section, fairly typical broncho-pneumonia. Slight

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