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Related post: an^e. The operation is conducted with the Phenergan Dm strictest antiseptic care.
There is but one rule, he says, and it can not be too rigidly enforced ;
the a.ieptir suture must be Phenergan 25mg a.srjtficul/i/ applied in mcptic structures, and
the wound must Purchase Phenergan Online be niaintaiueil oxiptic. The failure of either of the
above-mentioned factors not only endangers the result, but may be fol-
lowed by the most serious consecpiences. Modern surgery demands of
the operator every safeguard to insure an aseptic wound, but he who
uses buried animal sutures must take, if possible, even greater pi'ccau-
tions, since infection carried into a wound thus firmly closed is, for
obvious reasons, attended with much greater danger than in a wound
united bv interrupted sutures which, at the end of Phenergan Buy Online a few days, are to
be removed, and where drainage is relied upon to pr rmit of the escape
of infective or foreign Order Phenergan Online material. It is in part on account of defective
technique, the use of drainage, and the too often septic wound, that
failure to effect a cure after hernial operations so generally occurs.
I began, says Dr. Marcy, to use the buried animal suture in operat-
ing for the cure of hernia in 1871, and since that time have for the
most part used it in the closure of all operative wounds, and in all ray
operations for Phenergan 25mg Tablets the cure of femoral hernia, where the integrity of the
intestine has not been involved, I have never observed a subsequent
symptom indicating danger, and, so far as I have been able to learn,
there has not been a Phenergan Price single recurrence. There is little pain, and even
oedema of the tissues does not ensue. After a few days in bed the
patient is allowed to sit up. In Nausea Phenergan some instances I have permitted the
use of the chair on the second day without any apparent harm. I never
advise the subsequent application of a truss.
If it can be demonstrated that femoral hernia is curable, then the
advisability of the operation should be taken into consideration, and, if
it can be proved that the cure remains permanent, it adds much to the
argument in favor of operative measures ; but where it is demonstrated
that, under proper precautions, based upon an accurate anatomical Where To Buy Phenergan
knowledge of the structures involved, the operation is not severe, does
not cause long detention from active duties, does away with the punish-
ment inflicted by the life-long wearing of a truss, and is almost without
danger, there remains no reason why all the sufferers from femoral
hernia should not profit by surgical measures and demand to be re-
stored to the ranks of active service.
Dr. 5Iatcy makes an equally strong plea in behalf of surgical interven-
tion for the cure of sufferers from umbilical and ventral hernia. In um-
bilical herniu he diHHeetn the peritoncni Hnc abdominal wall, about half an inch in all direc
liouH. This admits of the coaptation of the sundered |>Hi'ts, and, by
lincH of strong, continuous tendon sutures, the separated eilges are co Phenergan 10 Mg
aptated in a way greatly to broaden the unite(l ])arts. Tins widens tlir
line of union to an inch or more, instead of i)ringiiig together the Phenergan Codeine Syrup nar
row edges of the tendinous ring, and, besides affording this great depth
to the united Buy Cheap Phenergan [lortions, bringH together freshened surfaces in a high
state of vitality, likely to be followed by firm union. It hIho admits of
the joining of the tinsues in three distinct layers of strong sutures. Aa Phenergan Dm Syrup
in the other forms of heinia, the skin itself is closed by a line of run-
ning or lacing sutures, taken from side to side through the deitpc^r por-
tions of tlu'skin only, which Phenergan Cost admits of its coaptation by sutures entirely
hidden from view. Such a wound refpiires no drainage and Iv Phenergan is per-
manently sealed with collodion.
To Contribntors and Correspondents. — The attention of all who purpote
favoriiKj ux Willi loinmiDiirtitioiut is respectfully called to the follow- Buy Phenergan With Codeine
ing :
Authors of articles intended for publication under the liead of " orvjinal
contributions " are respectfully informed that, m accepting such arti-
cles, we always do so with tlve tinderstafuling that the following condi-
tions are to he observed: (i) when a rnatiuscript is sent to this jour-
nal, a similar manuscript or any abstract tfiereof mnst not Ite or
have been sent to Phenergan Cream Phenergan Use any other pm-ioilical, unless we are specially notifed
of the fact at the time the article is sent to us ; {£) accepted articlen
are subject to the customary rules of editorial revision, and will be
published as promptly as our other engagements will admit of — loe'
can not engage to publish an article in any specified issue ; (3) any Phenergan Tablets
conditions which an author wis/ics complied with must be dijitinctJy
stated in a communication accompanying t/ie manuscript, and no
new conditions can be considered after the manusa-ipl has been pui
into the type-setters^ haruls. We are often constrained to decline
articles which, although they may be creditable to tJieir authors, are
not suitable for publication in this journal, either because they are
too long, or are loaded with tabular matter or prolix histories of
cases, or deal with subjects of little interest to the medical profession
at large. We can not ent

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