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This new hospital, Buy Skelaxin Online a short account of which will
be found elsewhere in this Purchase Skelaxin issue, seems to be unique
in its scope. The managing officer tersely informs
us that it was "not built to add seventy beds to the
facilities in Order Skelaxin New York for caring for the sick or
injured," but to extend the field Generic Skelaxin of the research
work of the institute. Certain diseases having at
any given time been made the subject of special in-
vestigation, only persons affected with those dis-
eases will be admitted during a specified period. It
is easy to see that the study of special parts of pa-
thology and therapeutics will thus be concentrated
and rendered free from the distraction that must
necessarily occur in the work of carrying on a gen- Cheap Skelaxin
eral hospital. The advantage of such a state of
things is obvious, and we may confidently expect
that the new hospital will prove of great value in
the particular field of the institute's work.
In this number of the Journal we publish a
learned article on this subject, by Dr. George M.
Parker. While calling our readers' particular at-
tention to Dr. Parker's article, we may be permit-
ted to make a few remarks concerning the late Dr.
George M. Beard's connection with the subject of
neurasthenia. It is very commonly supposed that
Dr. Beard coined the word, but such was not the
case, though he played a prominent part in as-
signing to it a definite Buy Cheap Skelaxin meaning. The confusion
which at one time reigned as to its signification is
apparent from the definitions given of it by Ludwig
August Kraus in his Kritisch-etymologisches medi-
cinisches Lexikon (third edition, Gottingen, 1844),
which may be freely translated as follows: "i. The
so called weakness of nerves, or excessive activity
of the nerves ! 2. Of the newer (so called natural
philosophical) pathologists: actual nervous weak-
ness, or defective activity of the nerves."
October 22, iQio.J
of Philadelphia.
Dr. Willard died on Friday, October 14th, after
a short illness, in his sixty-fifth year. He was a Order Skelaxin Online
native of Connecticut and a graduate of the Medi-
cal Department of the University of Pennsylvania,
of the class of 1867. He was both a general sur-
geon of extensive experience and an orthopaedist
of national reputation. He served as professor of
orthopaedic surgery in the University of Pennsyl-
vania until within a few weeks of his death. He
was a member of many medical organizations, and
in several of them he had held high offices. Tie
was a frequent contributor to periodical medical
literature. He Buy Skelaxin was eminently a philanthropist.
The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.
The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research
is beautifully situated on the cliffs overlooking the
Ea.^t River, opposite Blackwell's Island, near the
new bridge to Long Island City. The institution
occupies two city squares, between Sixty-fifth Purchase Skelaxin Online and
Sixty-sixth Streets, East River, and Avenue A,
and consists of four buildings, the research labora-
tory, founded in 1901, the power house, the research
hospital, and the isolation building. While in the
laboratory, which has been open for a number of
years, considerable work has been done under Dr.
Simon Flexner, the hospital and isolation building
were opened on Monday, October 17th. It is the
first hospital designed for the specific purpose of
medical research. Its location makes it possible
that the buildings are lighted from all sides, for
even the third basement, overlooking the river in
the rear, is at least twenty-five feet above the street
level. The hospital building consists of eleven
floors, four of which are provided for patients.
Each ward opens directly Skelaxin Online on to an open loggia or
roof, so that all the beds in the ward may be
wheeled out at once, and the patients kept out of

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