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On the whole, says the writer, it may said: 1. That
sodium phosphate exerts an action on the organism
which is due to the exciting influence which it produces
on the central nervous system. 2. That if the injections
are carefully administered hypodermically, the solution
does not give rise to any local reaction. 3. That the
therapeutic value in locomotor ataxia, in neurasthenia,
in hemiplegia, and in progressive Buy Diarex myopathic paralysis is
wcrthy of consideration. 4. That the hypodermic in-
jections should be carefully watched in order to prevent
the appearance of the symptoms of intolerance which
are often produced.
The New York State Association of Railway Sur-
geons. — The sixth annual meeting will be held in New
York, on Tuesday, November 17th, under the presidency
of Dr. C. S. Parkhill, of Hornellsville. The programme
includes the following titles: Modern Methods in the
Treatment of Fractures, by Dr. E. H. Cowan, of Bad-
ford, Virginia; How can we best secure Immobiliza-
tion in Compound Fractures at or near Articular Pro-
cesses? by Dr. Z. J. Lusk, of Warsaw; Immobilization
and the Treatment of Fractures at the Elbow Joint, by
Dr. J. H. Glass, of Utica; Injuries to the Purchase Diarex Head, by Dr.
Eoswell Park, of Buffalo; The Belief and Hospital De-
partment, by Dr. Frank H. Caldwell, of Waycross,
Georgia; the president's address, by Dr. C. S Parkhill,
of Hornellsville; Traumatic Neurasthenia, by Dr. J. E.
Walker, of Hornellsville; Cases of Apoplexy following
Some Time after Accidents, by Dr. William Browning,
of Brooklyn; Cranial Injuries, by Dr. W. A. Ward, of
Conneaut, Ohio; Distinctive Features of Bail way Sur-
gery, by Dr. E. S. Harnden, of Waverly; Granulation
Surfaces, by Dr. John Van Duyn, of Syracuse; Chloro-
form Anaesthesia, by Dr. Webb J. Kelly, of Galion, Ohio;
Injuries to the Eyeball, by Dr. Samuel Mitchell, of Hor-
nellsville; Acute Infective Thecitis, by Dr. A. Llewel-
lyn Hall, of Fair Haven; and Compound Fracture of
the Skull, with Injury to the Brain Substance, with a
Eeport of Cases, by Dr. J. G. Kelly, of Hornellsville.
Proposed Changes in the Form of Death Certificate in
New York. — -President Wilson and Commissioner Fowl-
er, of the health department, have done us the honor
to ask for our opinion of certain proposed changes in
the death-certificate blank. They Buy Diarex Online are as follows: On
the face of the blank, a question is added as to how the
deceased had been fed if he was less than a year old,
and the division of the causes of death into " chief
cause " and " contributing cause," also a statement of
the duration of the disease, are dispensed with. Instead
of what is now printed on the reverse side of the blank,
the following is proposed:
" N. B. — A certificate of death is a document of
great, importance. More than ten thousand copies of
such certificates are issued annually from this office, for
use as legal proof of death here and abroad. It is essen-
tial, therefore, that the particulars called for shall be
given correctly, legibly, and as fully as possible.
" 1. The attending physician must furnish a certifi-
cate within thirty-six hours after death (Sanitary Code,
sec. 151).
" 2. All physicians practising in New York city (in-
cluding those in public institutions) must be registered
in the bureau of records (Sanitary Code, sec. 5).
" 3. If a person dies from criminal violence, or by a
casualty, or suddenly while in apparent health, or when
unattended by a physician, or in prison, or in any sus-
picious or unusual manner, the case must be referred to
the coroner's office (chap. 410, sect. 1773, laws of 1882).
" 4. Certificates will be returned for additional infor-
mation, which give any of the following diseases, with-
out explanation, as the sole cause of Order Diarex death :
"Abortion, childbirth, gangrene, meningitis, necrosis,
pijcemia, abscess, convulsions, gastritis, metritis, perito-
nitis, septicemia, cellulitis, erysipelas, hemorrhage, mis-
carriage, phlebitis, or tetanus. (Any one of these may
be the result of an injury, and thus be a subject for in-
vestigation by a coroner. If it is not, the certificate
should make that fact plain.)
"5. No certificate giving ' heart failure,' 'â– dropsy,' 1 or
other mere symptom as the sole cause of death will be
accepted, unless accompanied by a satisfactory written
" 1. No burial permit can be obtained without a
proper certificate.
" 2. Certificates must be written throughout in
black ink.
" 3. No certificate will be accepted which is muti-
lated, illegible, or inaccurate, or any portion of which
has been erased, interlined, corrected, or altered, as all
such changes impair its value as a public record."

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